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All You Need to Know About August’s Birthstone: Peridot!

This versatile green gemstone makes for some truly fashion-forward pieces!

Let’s talk peridot! This little green gemstone used to be confused for emeralds in Medieval times and we understand why! It’s hues range from light lime green to deep olive but one thing about peridot remains consistent: it doesn’t comes in other colors!

Many of our Concierge clients come to us to make peridot pieces for themselves or a loved one who are either celebrating an event such as a birthday or anniversary in August, or maybe they just really like the color green!

Either way, we love working with peridot, whose name is derived from the Arabic word “faridat” which loosely translates to gem. Take a look at our collection of peridot rings, peridot necklaces, peridot earrings, and peridot birthstone bands!

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Sketch for custom peridot and diamond toi et moi ring:

Three beautiful pieces of peridot jewelry we custom-made for a client and how we got them appraised:

The stone layout for the custom interlocking peridot ring:

Custom Peridot & Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

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