Want Paris Hilton’s 20 Carat Engagement Ring?

In case you missed it or hadn’t heard about it yet, heiress Paris Hilton just got engaged to actor and model Chris Zylka in Aspen over New Year’s. The reality star says “she’s never been happier”, and we can’t blame her!

It’s reported that her 20 carat (yes, TWENTY CARAT) engagement ring reportedly cost $1,000,000 dollars. That’s a lot of zeroes in that price tag!

While it must be nice to rock such an enormous rock (pun was definitely intended), there are some practical realities that the rest of us have to consider when shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

So while we’re offering up our heartfelt congratulations to Paris, we’d like to showcase a few of our stunning pear-shaped diamond creations that are more…budget friendly for those of you looking for the same kind of design and shape.

Contact us to make these or any other ring you have in mind. Dan Moran and our master-craftsmen and women can breathe life into any vision!


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More information about the beautiful cut of a pear shaped diamond:

The Beautiful Pear Shaped Diamond

The pear shaped diamond is a brilliant cut and a combination of a round diamond and a marquise shape. While it can be worn either way, most women wear the pear shaped diamond with the pointed end pointing away at the hand of the wearer because it elongates the hands and fingers creating a more elegant look.  With pear shaped diamonds, buyers need to be aware of the “bow-tie” or “butterfly effect”.  This occurs if the stone is not cut correctly, and dark spots will appear in the stone.  These are not inclusions, but less-refractive facets because the stone is incorrectly cut. This also occurs in marquis diamonds and oval shaped diamonds.