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Buying Engagement Rings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Don’t Do It

hidden halo diamond engagement ring

Every year the inevitable happens: those looking for a good deal on an engagement ring wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to shop. And every year we counsel our clients the same thing: don’t do it. Our diamond advice and engagement ring advice caught the attention of Reader’s Digest who interviewed  Concierge Diamonds’ founder Dan Moran about what not to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Click here to read the article. And if you’re ready to custom make the engagement ring of... Read more

Introducing Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings from Concierge Diamonds

3 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring & Hidden Diamond Halo in Platinum

A hidden halo is the perfect type of engagement ring for someone who wants a little something extra on their engagement ring but wants to be discreet about the details. Hidden halos are the perfect way to achieve both the classic solitaire look with the added elevation of a diamond halo. Browse our collection of hidden halo diamond engagement rings and contact us today to make the custom ring of your dreams!   Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Rings from Concierge Diamonds Read more

The Best Three Stone Engagement Rings – Concierge Diamonds Los Angeles

3 stone radiant diamond engagement ring

The Best Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings Three stone diamond engagement rings have long been a classic go-to for an engagement ring choice, but the revered design made famous by Harry Winston received new life when Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a three stone cushion diamond engagement ring he designed himself with diamonds from Botswana.  When the ring design was revealed, multiple copycat pieces quickly appeared. However, many brides and grooms chose to put their own unique twist on this iconic design and... Read more

What’s The One Thing You Need To Buy A Diamond? The Answer Will Surprise You!

What’s The One Thing You Need To Buy A Diamond? Like a lot of people shopping for an engagement ring right now, you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re uncovering about diamonds. You’re learning about the 4 C’s of Diamonds and probably getting deep in the weeds about what’s the best crown angle, the best table and pavilion, etc etc. You’re learning about all of these fancy tools and scoring systems that are supposed to help you pick the “best” diamond. And you’re... Read more

5 Essential Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring – Student Loan Hero

Concierge Diamonds Best Engagement Rings of 2018

Check out the 5 Smart Tips on How to Buy an Engagement Ring At Concierge Diamonds, we recognize that many of you are just starting out in life and very aware of where every dollar is spent! This is why we always offer our best advice to our clients on how they can save money on their engagement rings. Saving money on an engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to skimp on details! For more information click here and check out Dan Moran’s interview with... Read more

The Starry Night Diamond: An Incredibly Rare 25 Carat Salt & Pepper Diamond Masterpiece

Salt & Pepper Diamond Los Angeles Galaxy Diamond Starry Night Diamond

Sometimes we come across diamonds that are so rare, so exquisite and so unique, that we just have to share them with our friends and clients, even though we have not set them yet. Case in point: the Starry Night diamond. This exceptionally rare 25 carat (yes, TWENTY FIVE CARAT) diamond is a salt and pepper diamond that has somehow managed to retain the fire and brilliance of a white diamond. Look at these photos and videos we took of her! The Starry Night Diamond... Read more

Buying Jewelry Off the Internet? You Should See This First – Things to Look Out For

Watch this video to learn the top things to look out for when buying jewelry online, such as Photoshopping the engagement ring images and aerating the metal to reduce the amount of gold used! You should be aware that there is a correlation between quality and price when it comes to fine jewelry. You might get a really cheap gold or platinum band online, but you have to keep in mind that those ring are aerated, meaning they pump air into the metal to reduce... Read more

Searching for a Diamond & Engagement Ring? Look no further than Concierge Diamonds! Client Review

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Los Angeles Custom Made Fine Jewelry Concierge Diamonds best diamond jewelry engagement rings Los Angeles private jeweler reddit diamonds

We love it when we hear from our clients after they have proposed with a custom engagement ring that we have made for them. Not only do we love to see their faces light up and the look on their future-fiancee’s face, but we get a genuine satisfaction in knowing that we’ve made the process fun, easy and immensely more pleasurable and affordable than if the client purchased a ring via the internet or a retail store. We try to explain our process on our... Read more

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