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Client Policies & Procedures

Last Modified:  November 15, 2021


Deposits are nonrefundable.  A deposit will reserve your particular item for up to 60 days. At that point if an item is not paid in full, your deposit converts to a credit with Concierge Diamonds which can be applied to any other item of your choosing in future.

In-person pick up:

If you are planning to pick up in person, please note that we cannot take personal checks as the final payment.  You are welcome to pay via cashier’s check made out to Concierge Diamonds, Inc.   or via credit card; though the regular price will apply.

Insurance information:

Your item is insured up to the moment the item is delivered to the provided address, or to you, or a representative of yours, when the item is picked up in person.

If you’d like more information regarding insurance after delivery, please ask us for more information.

Method of payment:

We accept all major credit cards, cashiers’ checks, wire transfers and Zelle. We offer a discount to our clients paying via wire, cashiers’ checks or Zelle.


When purchasing from Concierge Diamonds, we provide one complimentary resizing for all engagement rings and wedding bands, excluding bands that are not possible to resize (including eternity bands, rings with etchings / engravings and alternative metals). Your ring may be resized once, for free, within the first 60 days of purchase one full size up or down (some restrictions apply, see below). To have your item resized free-of-charge, please contact us. If you are past your 60 days, we can still resize your ring for a nominal labor charge. Contact us to learn more. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the product to us for resizing or servicing, according to our return policy.

Diamond and gemstone eternity rings with a specific number of gemstones per finger size, milgrain detail, ornate rings and bands, or rings with alternative metals (metals other than gold or platinum), cannot be resized and often lead to remaking the ring.

It is important to note that should you opt to resize one of these rings, your new ring may contain fewer or more gemstones, diamonds, or a reduction or increase in precious metal weight which may cause an increase or decrease in the price. Please note that some of our rings cannot be resized due to their design. If you are unsure whether or not your ring falls into this category, contact us for more information. These policies are subject to change at any time.


All of our rings and jewelry are made to order and our manufacturing is completed in Los Angeles, as such our jewelry is not eligible to return. Our rings do have an upgrade and exchange policy in which applicable diamonds can be upgraded to another diamond. Some stones are excluded from this policy including exceptionally large stones, typically over $20,000 USD. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with your purchase we can continue to make adjustments to your ring until you are 100% satisfied with the product, alterations may incur additional labor and material charges. Lab grown diamonds are not eligible for our upgrade policy. All lab grown diamond sales are final.  Contact us to learn more and discuss your options at 213-261-4330 or [email protected] These policies are subject to change at any time.

Sales tax:

We collect sales tax based on the shipping address, including for out-of-state purchases and in-state purchases.  Concierge Diamonds is located in Los Angeles, California.


Once the final payment is completed, we’ll coordinate the shipping logistics and send you a tracking number so you can follow the package along the way.  We ship Monday – Thursday, via FedEx overnight, with a signature required for delivery.  However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, FedEx may skip the signature and leave the package by the door, which means you should be at the shipping address on the scheduled delivery day and on the lookout. When we ship to you, we will include a certificate for the stone (if the stone is certified), an appraisal, a jewelry box, and some goodies along the item. Due to insurance we cannot ship to a P.O.Box or a FedEx shipping center. Please note that delivery days due to inclimate weather conditions or carrier delays are beyond our control.

For international shipments we use Fedex International Priority, which typically arrives in the “ship to” country within 1-3 business days, though some destinations can take longer.  The country to where we ship the items must get clearance from their local government customs officials before the piece will be delivered. Concierge Diamonds cannot be held responsible for any customs issues that arise, as those issues are out of our control and dependent on the local government of the shipping destination. We will do our best to complete the paperwork correctly with our shipper and to facilitate the shipment as much as we can, but customs is not something within our control.



We warranty all jewelry we sell to be free of manufacturer’s defects, and in the event that such a defect is discovered, we promise to correct it at no charge to the customer. However the warranty is voided if a third party other than Concierge Diamonds makes alterations or adjustments to your jewelry, including sizing. We cannot be responsible or accountable for the actions of a third party. Clients are responsible for covering the round trip cost of shipping the product to us in accordance with our shipping policies.

Our rings are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are warrantied for life. Your manufacturer’s warranty covers defects on the ring that are the fault of the manufacturer. However, there is a difference between a manufacturer’s defect and damage caused by daily wear and tear.

We are happy to repair rings and fine jewelry that have a lost stone due to normal wear and tear but this kind of repair is rarely the result of a manufacturer’s defect, and most often a result of daily use.

Think of your ring as a brand-new set of tires: as the years and miles pile on, the metal will be worn down just like the rubber of your tire. Sooner or later, a little TLC will be needed.

Similarly, diamonds and metal aren’t indestructible and your rings are inevitably going to take some knocks just due to the nature in which we live our lives, no matter how careful we are. We’re constantly knocking our hands against things: keyboards, doorknobs, walls, desks, car doors, etc. All that daily use is bound to cause some wear and tear on your ring, which is why annual servicing for your jewelry is critical.

To use the car analogy again: if you never changed the oil or never rotated the tires, the car is bound to start running a little ragged, especially if you drive it every day.

This is why we offer all of our custom engagement ring clients a complimentary annual servicing package that includes cleaning, polishing, prong tightening, etc. Even though our rings are of exceptional quality, they’re not indestructible.

On occasion there are manufacturer defects that cause diamonds to fall out of rings, but this more commonly happens in rings that are mass-produced overseas in factories that are not custom-made to your center stone. These rings also have less precious metal content and are more prone to breaking because of porosity. Porosity, tiny little holes in the metal, happens because these manufacturers cut their costs by aerating their precious metal mixtures (meaning they pump air into the metal mixtures) to lighten it and create more volume.

We are happy to inspect the ring and if we determine that the repair is covered under our warranty, we are happy to repair it. If the damage is found to be the fault of the wearer, we are still happy to complete the repair but it will not be complimentary. All repairs must be approved by the client in writing for us to begin work.

We advise checking with your ring’s insurance to see if repairs not covered under warranty will be covered under your policy. Clients are responsible for the cost of round-trip shipping.



We reserve the right to update and make changes to these policies at any time. All updates will be posted on this page. 

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