Creating the Perfect Engagement Ring Is Hard, But Creating the Perfect Wedding Band Can Be Even More Challenging!

When we help our clients create their engagement rings, we bring their visions to life. No matter how big or small, our clients’ from all over the world turn to us to execute some of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen. We could not be more thrilled when they come back to us and ask us to make their wedding bands as well. It says to us that we are doing something right, and they love our quality craftsmanship over mass-produced rings they purchase online from overseas. Read on for more info!

*Note: This focuses on women’s wedding bands, we have separate recommendations for men’s wedding bands!

Different Types of Wedding Bands

There are many different styles of wedding bands, the same as there are many different styles of engagement rings. We’ll go over women’s wedding bands first and then go into our men’s wedding bands.

His and hers wedding bands in platinum.

Wedding Bands for Women

Curved Wedding Bands / Flush Fit Wedding Bands / Perfect Fit Wedding Bands

One of the best things we’ve seen our brides create are custom curved wedding bands that are flush fit to the engagement ring. These are also known as “perfect fit”, “custom fit” and “flush fit”.

They go by a variety of names but one thing about all of these bands is certain: they need to be custom-made for your engagement ring. It’s one thing to buy a ring from a large website or retail store, but in order to create the perfect fit where there isn’t a gap between the wedding band and the engagement ring, you need to work with an expert.

You can contact us here if you’d like to discuss creating a perfect fit wedding band to be a match to your engagement ring.


Eternity Wedding Bands

How much love can we give the diamond eternity band? It’s called a diamond eternity band not only because a diamond is forever, but because the diamonds on the ring go all the way around it. Its a lovely and classic look that can be made with any shape of stone and in any metal configuration.

Here are some of our favorite diamond eternity bands that we have made for clients! Which one is your favorite?

Stacks of emerald cut diamond eternity wedding bands.



Vintage, Art Deco and Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Bands

There’s so much you can do with your wedding bands! One of the top styles that has been requested from our brides is a vintage, art deco,Great Gatsby inspired look.  This vintage look combines milgraine and diamonds for a robust and unique look.

Our brides are also opting to do larger diamonds for their wedding bands but only half or 3/4 of the way around. This can be done for  variety of reasons but mainly it is done so the diamonds match that of the engagement ring making a seamless look. It doesn’t hurt that it helps to reduce the cost as well!

Take a look at some of our favorite art deco, vintage and Great Gatsby inspired wedding bands (and you know the engagement rings match!).



Diamond Pave Wedding Bands

Now we come to the timeless classic choice for wedding bands: diamond pave! Choosing a diamond pave wedding band is a relatively simple choice to make. This is a classic look that is rarely unmatched with any engagement ring.

Diamond pave wedding bands can also be eternity bands (diamonds all the way around), or they can go halfway around or 3/4 of the way around. You can also have your diamond pave wedding band custom made to match the length of the diamonds on your engagement ring..

Diamond pave wedding bands can come in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, black gold or in platinum.

Diamond pave wedding bands are simple and elegant way to make the look of your engagement ring and your wedding band seamless.


And Last but Not Least… Plain Wedding Bands!

How can you go wrong with the timeless look of simplicity? More is less with these beautiful “naked” bands, available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, black gold and platinum!  Feel free to customize them with a birthstone inlay or engraving.

If you’re ready to make your custom wedding bands, contact us today! 


If you’re preparing to propose this year, be sure you do your homework and contact us! There’s a lot to cover, with topics such as:

and of course…

There’s a lot to consider when designing your future bride’s dream engagement ring and it’s important to remember that one  size does not fit all and not all diamonds are created equal.

If you’d like to ask a diamond question feel free to reach out to us.

Our diamond advice is free and I’ve helped thousands of couples get engaged. We’d love to work with you too!

If you want more info but aren’t ready to reach out, check out my free guide, How to Buy An Engagement Ring for tons of tips on how to buy a diamond and make the perfect custom ring and see how going custom and not working with a retailer can save you a ton of money on an engagement ring.