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Engagement Ring Trend Alert: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Engagement Ring Trend Alert: Salt & Pepper Diamonds

One of the hottest trends to take over engagement rings: Salt & Pepper Diamonds from Concierge Diamonds

Engagement ring trend alert: salt and pepper diamonds! 

These diamonds have a flecked appearance due to their numerous visible inclusions.

Salt and pepper diamond and salt and pepper diamond engagement rings have been on the rise over the last five years and brides are able to create some incredible custom pieces with this unique style of diamond.

What are salt and pepper diamonds?

Previously these were considered “undesirable” diamonds but with a new twist on what constitutes a perfect center stone for an engagement ring, these diamonds have become a hot commodity.

Along with black diamonds and colored center stones, salt n pepper diamonds are another unique way Concierge Diamonds is helping our clients from Los Angeles and all over the world create the custom engagement ring of their dreams!

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Salt & Pepper Engagement Rings & Black Diamond Engagement Rings 

The best salt and pepper diamond engagement ring videos from Concierge Diamonds.

The Best Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings



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