The Best New Engagement Rings from Concierge Diamonds, Inc in Los Angeles by Dan Moran

Now that engagement season is here, we know plenty of people shopping for rings and looking at ring designs.

But selecting the right ring can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating to first-time shoppers.

With that said, Dan Moran and Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles advocates that the way to get the best engagement ring for your bride-to-be is to go custom.

“By going custom, you not only do not pay for things you do not want, such as extra diamonds, but you ensure that the ring you give you bride to be is unique to them and that no one else in the world has it,” says Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds.

“So you save money on the ring, and get exactly what they want,” he continues. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Dan has designed thousands of custom engagement rings for his clients and has created the gallery below to showcase some of the best engagement rings he’s done for his clients in Los Angeles and around the world.

All pieces are custom. For quotes please contact us here.

And for more information on how to save money on a diamond in Los Angeles, read Dan Moran’s signature advice on how to shop for and save money on a diamond or contact him for a free private consultation here.


Adding A New Twist to the Classic Diamond Engagement Ring 

Classic round diamonds will never go out of style, but our clients are getting creative and adding their own twist to this classic style of engagement ring.



The Rose Gold Revolution Engagement Rings

Rose gold is here to stay, and our diamond engagement ring clients are creating masterpieces.



Completely Unique Engagement Rings 

One of the best parts about designing a custom engagement ring is that you can be as creative as you want. Look at these stunning creations our clients created!



Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

With Great Gatsby style engagement rings and bezel settings, these gorgeous custom engagement rings are truly unique!



Colored Center Stones Engagement Rings

Our clients are creating custom engagement rings with blue diamonds, yellow diamonds,  black diamonds, sapphires and everything in-between. Contact us today to create the custom ring of your dreams!