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The Four C’s of Diamonds

One of the things you’ve no doubt come across in your search for the perfect diamond is something called the Four C’s. The Four C’s stand for: Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut.

While each of these is an important factor in selecting your diamond, we find that some of them are more important than others because they can significantly increase the cost of your diamond. Each one of the C’s is important, but there’s one other C that you need to consider: COST, and varying the Four C’s can alter the cost of a stone dramatically.

The challenge is to balance the Four C’s in order to create the perfect engagement ring. Our philosophy is that some of the C’s are more important than others. We have a whole video series dedicated to this topic which you can watch by clicking here, and have provided a succinct explanation for you in the links below. Click on one of the 4 C’s to get started.

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