Many of you will be saying “I do!” this holiday season and we’ve noticed that you ladies all seem to have one thing in common: excellent taste! With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular style of engagement rings and listed them here for your viewing pleasure.


Take a look at the styles our wonderful friends and clients are requesting and if you’d like to work with us on creating the engagement ring of your dreams, contact us today!


  1. The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring 

Gentlemen, you really cannot go wrong with a solitaire style setting for an engagement ring. When in doubt of your bride-to-be’s taste, go with this classic style setting. Not only are solitaires versatile (you can make one in any shade of gold – yellow, white, rose – or type of metal such as platinum) but the look good with any shape of diamond.

Browse our collection of classic solitaire diamond engagement rings and let us know which style you prefer! 



2. Diamonds on the Shank Engagement Ring 

This style of engagement ring is incredibly popular. Just like classic solitaire, this incredibly popular style of engagement ring can be done in ant color of metal and with any shape of center diamond.

Diamonds can go halfway around the band, two-thirds or all the way around the band. Keep in mind, if you make an eternity band, it cannot be resized like a normal ring because each small diamond is custom fit and sized for the ring.

Because of that, if you resize the ring, you might end up needed to remake it. Bear that in mind as you create the design for your ring. Diamonds halfway around the band or two-thirds of the way down is a less-expensive and more economical option.

Check out our gallery of diamond engagement rings with pave on the band and contact us to make your custom engagement ring! 



3. Diamond Halo & Diamonds on the Band Engagement Ring 

This design is the creme de la creme of engagement rings. Combining diamonds on the shank as well as a luxurious diamond halo to surround the center stone, this style of engagement ring is our most popular – and for good reason!

This stunning band is the ultimate engagement ring design and is popular with every shape of diamond as the center stone. Like with all of our rings, you can mix and match in any style of gold or center diamond as well as customize the setting for the diamond — choose either a built in setting or a head on shank design.

Not sure what to choose? Contact us today for a free consultation and browse our selection of halo diamond engagement rings. 

Happy shopping!