Future grooms: pay close attention!

We’ll help you select an engagement ring that your finance-to-be will love.


During our recent trip to JCK Las Vegas, we paid close attention to what current engagement ring trends were in style. We even spoke with our longtime friend and colleague, Oren Sofer, about what he thought was currently most the most popular trend among new brides.



A Return to The Classics

It seems that the most popular trend of all was a return to the classic style of engagement ring. The traditional understated and elegant engagement ring seemed to be what most people were leaning towards and designers and retailers are reflecting this.  Classic Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The micro pave shank is also back in style, and most of the settings we saw at the JCK Show were in this style.

One thing that surprised us, simply because the most popular style of engagement ring is the single solitaire, is a return to three-stone engagement rings. A recent article on PopSugar confirmed this, and they laid out a beautiful gallery of three-stone engagement rings.  Click to view.


Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Yellow gold is also making a strong comeback and we’ve been seeing more and more requests from our private clientele to have their rings set in yellow gold.

And forever a classic, the round cut is perennial in style—we don’t expect this cut to go anywhere any time soon.





The New Shape on the Block

oval-solitaire-diamond-engagment-ringThe next cut of diamond that we noticed gaining mass appeal is the oval cut. It’s difficult to cut, so that makes it scarce and therefore desirable. The cost of any diamond is driven by demand, and the demand for this stone is high. Those looking to impress should consider an oval cut engagement ring.




What’s To Come

concierge-diamonds-pear-shaped-diamondOur prediction is that the pear shape diamond will be the next most popular cut of engagement ring.

The pear shaped diamond is currently undervalued and more and more people are getting turned on to it for a number of reasons.  Its unique shape makes it a large stone relative to its weight. This can mean the cost of a pear shaped diamond can be quite less than a round diamond if everything else is equal (carat, clarity, etc).

So guys – tell us what you think. Did this help you select a ring? Let us know how else we can help you by contacting us for an appointment today!