The Top Engagement Ring Styles for 2017

It’s engagement season! And there is nothing more exciting than getting an engagement ring for the love of your life, but how do you know you’ve chosen the right ring?

Of course, each love story is unique which is why the ring style is just as important as the stone you choose. Whether you are shopping around for an engagement ring or just to find an extra one for your collection, here are the top predicted ring trends for 2017.

Tell us, do any of these match your personal style?

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Halos have been a popular choice for engagement ring settings, but this year it takes center stage in a bigger, brighter way. The halo design is a favorite because it draws greater attention to the beauty of the center stone by making it appear bigger. This year, more intricate and vintage – inspired designs will takeover adding a little zest to this traditional piece.

Best Engagement Rings Los Angeles – Classic Diamond Halo

Colored Accents – Colored Center Stones for Engagement Rings

Coming off from 2016’s colored stones trend, 2017 is set to see this continue but in a different way. Instead of focusing on just one colored stone, 2017 trends see a gemstone accent. Expect to see a lot of pairings this year that leave rings with one of a kind look with just the right pop of color.


Concierge Diamonds Colored Center Stone Engagement Rings

Edwardian-Inspired Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage inspired seems to be theme of the year in terms of engagement rings so why not mimic the classics from the Edwardian era. Rings from this era has long been known for its intricacy and femininity. This type of ring makes best use of platinum, tons diamonds, and even colored gemstones, which marries a trend we mentioned earlier. It’s a ring that definitely speaks of class and would always be a great conversation starter wherever you go.


Stacked Rings for Engagement Rings

Stacked rings have been trendy among the hipster set for quite awhile but lately, everyone seems to be catching up. These days, would be brides say I do with more than just one ring on their finger and why not? Stacks create even a bigger impact and becomes extra attractive on one’s finger. There are many different ways to create a stack so you can definitely choose one that’s perfect just for you.

Concierge Diamonds – Best Engagement Rings

Intertwined Bands for Engagement Rings

Intertwined bands create a romantic allure because it can create the effect of intersecting two lives that is both visually stunning and symbolic. The   intertwined bands are gaining traction because of the unique story that it shares. Also, it’s a great way to create a design that is unique and only yours to tell.

New twists on classic halo diamond engagement rings. Best new engagement rings Concierge Diamonds, Los Angeles

Black Diamonds for Engagement Rings

This is a trend that is not for the faint of heart! Our black diamond engagement rings are as unique as our brides! Typically costing thousands less that white diamonds, black diamond engagement rings are a daring expression of individuality and personality!

Unique Black Diamond engagement rings from Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles


Salt & Pepper Diamonds for Engagement Rings

These diamonds have a flecked appearance due to their numerous visible inclusions.

Previously these were considered “undesirable” diamonds but with a new twist on what constitutes a perfect center stone for an engagement ring, these diamonds have become a hot commodity.

Along with black diamonds and colored center stones, salt n pepper diamonds are another unique was Concierge Diamonds is helping our clients from Los Angeles and all over the world create the custom engagement ring of their dreams!

A gorgeous unique alternative engagement ring. Salt and Pepper Diamonds

If you’re still unsure of what ring is best suited for your bride-to-be, schedule a free consultation with Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles and create the best unique engagement ring!

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