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What is a Wide Band in an Engagement Ring?

What Is A Wide Band In An Engagement Ring?

Is it better or worse than a “whisper thin engagement ring” or “micro pave engagement ring?”

Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds in Los Angeles spoke with Brides Magazine about the pros and cons of both engagement ring options.

Cushion Cut Diamond with Triple Blue Sapphire Pave
Cushion Cut Diamond with Triple Blue Sapphire Pave

When you have made as many engagement rings at private jeweler Dan Moran of Concierge Diamonds has made, you learn a thing or two. That’s why when Brides Magazine reached out to discuss the difference between a wide band engagement ring versus a whisper thin engagement ring or micro pave engagement ring, Dan had plenty of anecdotes to share with them.

The biggest advantage of wide bands, though, is that they are stronger than super thin bands. Moran notes that while micro rings may be visually appealing, they’re not the most practical option because they aren’t meant to be worn every day. “The trend is swinging back to wider bands now because of the issues micro rings have become synonymous with, like bending easily and losing pavé,” Moran says. 

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