What’s the Difference Between Eagle Claw Prongs & Standard Prongs?

For those of you designing an engagement ring, the process can be challenging and you want to make sure you get every single detail correct, even down to the prongs!

So when we ask our clients if they want what’s called “Eagle Claw Prongs” or “Standard Prongs” for their engagement, sometimes it’s just easier to show the difference rather than talk about it.

The difference between the two settings is below!


Standard Prong

This is a photo of STANDARD PRONGS for an engagement ring. They are more rounded and some consider them to be a little bulkier than eagle claw prongs.

Eagle Claw Prongs

This is a photo of EAGLE CLAW PRONGS for an engagement ring. They are called as such because they are sharper like the talons of an eagle’s claw.


No design is better or more secure than the other — it’s just a matter of preference!  Let us know how we can help you make the custom ring of your dreams!