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What to Expect In Your Engagement Ring Appointment & Consultation

Online / Out of Town Consultation

We work with clients all over the world. Our first conversation (via email, phone, or Skype) should cover the basis of what you want and how much you want to spend on a ring. We’ll also cover the 4 C’s, your ring design, logistics and timing.

From there we will go out and source a selection of diamonds that are a fit for your needs and narrow our selection down to about 3 – 5 candidates.

Then we will send you over high-res photos and videos of the diamonds. We will deliberately not go into detail about each stone because it is imperative for our clients to assess the stones for themselves.

Know that we have done the legwork for you and narrowed down the diamond lineup (or curation) to our top picks for you from about 30 – 40 stones. Nothing we show you will be out of budget so there are no “gotcha!” surprises you will have to worry about. If there is an instance where one stone will be over budget we will tell you upfront.

Why do we do this?

Simple – you’re not buying a certificate you are buying a diamond. If you rely on the paperwork alone you will be disappointed. Color and clarity in diamonds are subject to the person who was grading the diamond that day at the lab and are therefore subject to human errors. You should never rely on a certificate but trust the eyes of a private jeweler to work as your proxy to help you narrow down your selection.

There are many cases where we have stones that face up completely white with an H grading and had our client simply looked at the paperwork; they might have passed over a really good stone that we know could get a better grading from a lab.

We do tell you the 4 C’s of each stone but we don’t go into detail until you’ve had a chance to look at the diamonds (or photos and videos) on your own. Once you have done that we will do another call or email session to discuss the characteristics of the stones and what you like and what you don’t.

From there we will eliminate any candidates that are no longer a fit until we get to our winning stone.

After you have selected your diamond we require a 75% deposit in order to hold the diamond for you and begin work on your ring. At this phase we will also discuss the ring design in more detail, confirm finger size and other information (dates, shipping info, etc).

You will receive a sales order. We offer a small discount for clients paying with cash, bank wire, Zelle or cashier’s check. Credit card/debit card purchases are subject to our regular non-discounted pricing. Most of the time we list the discounted price (bankwire price) within the main invoice, and we list the regular price in the notes.  If you have any questions regarding the pricing, please let us know.  Most financial institutions charge a bank wire fee, please inquire with your financial institution for any additional fees you might incur by paying via this method. If you have any questions about the steps involved in a bank wire, contact your bank or call us at 213-261-4330.

Deposits will reserve your particular item for up to 60 days. At that point if an item is not paid in full, your deposit converts to a credit with Concierge Diamonds which can be applied to any other item of your choosing in future. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Your ring will then go into production once the deposit has been paid and depending on how elaborate the design is or how soon you need your order by, you can expect your final product from anywhere between one to six business weeks.

If a CAD is required you will be required to sign off on the CAD before we complete the ring. CADs are not a mandatory step in creating a ring and therefore not all designs will call for them.

Once you approve the CAD, we will make the ring. Before we ship the ring, we will send you high-res photos and videos again of your ring for your final approval. You will be required to approve before we ship, however if there is something incorrect about your ring, we will work on it until it’s 100% perfect for you and ready to ship. Your balance must be paid before we can ship.

Your ring will be sent via insured delivery in a nondescript package.

Reviews and engagement photos are not required but take a look at our social media pages and you can see how much we love hearing from our clients.

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